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An Annotated Timeline of Operations Research: An Informal History

An Annotated Timeline of Operations Research: An Informal History recounts the evolution of Operations Research (OR) as a ...

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An Introduction to Efficiency and Productivity Analysis

It is designed to be a "first port of call" for people wishing to study efficiency and productivity analysis. The book ...

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Analysis and Algorithms for Service Parts Supply Chains

Services requiring parts has become a $1.5 trillion business annually worldwide, creating a tremendous incentive to manage ...

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Analysis of Microdata

The availability of microdata has increased rapidly over the last decades, and standard statistical and econometric software ...

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Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems

Analysis, Control and Optimization of Complex Dynamic Systems gathers in a single volume a spectrum of complex dynamic systems ...

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Antecedents of Venture Firms¿ Internationalization

With the continuing dispersion of the global digital network and performance improvements of information and communication ...

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Anti-Money Laundering : A Practical Guide to Reducing Organizational Risk / Rose Chapman

Addresses the needs of the non-specialist compliance professional from a range of industries, backgrounds and experience Outlines ...

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Applications of Simulation Methods in Environmental and Resource Economics

Simulation methods are revolutionizing the practice of applied economic analysis. This volume collects eighteen chapters ...

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Applied Econometrics with R

This is the first book on applied econometrics using the R system for statistical computing and graphics. It presents hands-on ...

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Applied Research in Environmental Economics

Sustainable development, climate policy, and biodiversity conservation are examples of issues on the current political agenda ...

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Applied Research in Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis

For a long time uncertainty has been considered synonymous with random, stochastic, statistic, or probabilistic. Since the ...

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Artificial Economics

The purpose of this book is to give an up-to date view of the scientific production in the fields of Agent-based Computational ...

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Artificial Markets Modeling

Agent-based computational modeling with its intrinsic multidisciplinary approach is gaining increasing recognition in the ...

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Arts, Sciences, and Economics

This book has a rather long-winding history. It is not like anything else the present author ever wrote, as all the rest ...

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Asian Economy and Finance:

Topicality of Asian economy has refused to fade for almost four decades; if anything it has been levitating. The Asian economy ...

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Asias Debt Capital Markets

The book has three parts. Part I describes the characteristics and historical origins of these markets. Part II examines ...

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Asias New Institutional Architecture

This book investigates the origins and evolution of Asia’s new institutional architecture in trade, finance, and security ...

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Assessment of Hydrogen Energy for Sustainable Development

Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Assessment of Hydrogen Energy for Sustainable Development: Energy & ...

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Asset Prices, Booms and Recessions

The book studies the interaction of the financial market, economic activity and the macroeconomy from a dynamic perspective. ...

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Automotive Production Systems and Standardisation

The introduction of the Mercedes-Benz Production System (MPS) is exemplary of a trend within the automotive industry: the ...

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Total Books: 41 - 60 /886