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Brain Edema XIII

The XIII International Symposium on Brain Edema intracerebral hemorrhage. This volume includes papers pre- day satellite ...

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Cerebral Hemorrhage

Cerebral hemorrhage is a common and often fatal subtype of stroke. while in the past it has received relatively little attention ...

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Cerebral Vasospasm : New Strategies in Research and Treatment

More than 90 papers give a summary of clinical and basic studies on cerebral vasospasm, including reviews by leading researchers ...

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Essential Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

In Essential Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, nationally and internationally recognized experts join forces to summarize ...

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Learning Surgery

A symptom-based version of the critically-acclaimed Norton/Surgery: Basic Science and Clinical Evidence, Learning Surgery ...

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Reconstructive Neurosurgery

International experts present in this volume advances in reconstructive neurosurgery focusing on the fields of neurotrauma ...

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Seizures in Critical Care

Epileptic events are now known to occur more frequently in the intensive care unit (ICU) than previously thought, a situation ...

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Vocational Rehabilitation

this book the second in the series of monographs produced by the European Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine. No part of ...

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Total Books: 1 - 8 /8