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Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos

This book gives an overview of the sessions, panel discussions, and outcomes of the Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos ...

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Anthropologies of Global Maternal and Reproductive Health : From Policy Spaces to Sites of Practice

This open access edited book brings together new research on the mechanisms by which maternal and reproductive health policies ...

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Anti-Microbial Resistance in Global Perspective

This book provides an accessible introduction to the mechanics of international development and global health text for policy-makers ...

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Depression and Globalization : The Politics of Mental Health in the 21st Century

In Depression and Globalization, Carl Walker analyzes the human cost of recent political and economic events as main contributors ...

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EQ-5D concepts and methods:

The EuroQol Group is an international, cross-disciplinary group set up in 1987 to investigate issues related to the valuation ...

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Emerging Drugs in Sport / Olivier Rabin, Ornella Corazza

Offers a timely analysis of the new challenges posed by this phenomenon in the anti-doping community. The authors present ...

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Evidence-based Practice in Medicine and Health Care

Evidence-based Medicine (EBM) is feared to become a kind of cook-book medicine that has nothing to do with the traditional ...

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Global Health Collaboration

This stimulating open access volume details the innovative work of the Pan Institution Network for Global Health in creating ...

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Handbook of Diabetes Management

Over 18 million Americans are afflicted. Nearly as many are at risk. Diabetic conditions account for one-fifth of the nation’s ...

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International Public Health Policy and Ethics

Public Health Policy and Ethics brings together philosophers and practitioners to address the foundations and principles ...

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Machine Learning and Deep Learning in Medical Data Analytics and Healthcare Applications / Om Prakash Jena, Bharat Bhushan, Utku Kose

Introduces and explores a variety of schemes designed to empower, enhance, and represent multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary ...

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Machine Learning in Healthcare : Fundamentals and Recent Applications / Bikesh Kumar Singh, G.R. Sinha

Discusses how to build various ML algorithms and how they can be applied to improve healthcare systems. Healthcare applications ...

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Medical Malpractice

In Medical Malpractice: A Physician's Sourcebook, a panel of physicians, attorneys, academics, researchers, and insurance ...

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Nephrology Worldwide

This book presents contributions from leading international experts in the field of nephrology. Each chapter is independent ...

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Placing the Public in Public Health in Post-War Britain, 1948–2012

This book explores the question of who or what ‘the public’ is within ‘public health’ in post-war Britain. Drawing ...

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Seasonal Forecasts, Climatic Change and Human Health : Health and Climate

Awareness that many key aspects of public health are strongly influenced by climate is growing dramatically, driven by new ...

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Sex Work, Health, and Human Rights Global Inequities, Challenges, and Opportunities for Action

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the health inequities and human rights issues faced by sex workers globally ...

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Social Determinants of Health in Non-communicable Diseases Case Studies from Japan

This book is the first compilation that reviews a wide range of social determinants of health (SDHs) for non-communicable ...

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The Ethics of Medical Data Donation

This book presents an ethical approach to utilizing personal medical data. It features essays that combine academic argument ...

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Tobacco Control Policy in the Netherlands

Governments have known since the 1960s that smoking results in irreversible health damage. This open access book examines ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /21