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3rd Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2006

The Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering (Biomed 2006) was held from 11 to 14 December 2006 at ...

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4th Kuala Lumpur International Conference on Biomedical Engineering 2008 : BIOMED 2008 25–28 June 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The topics covered in the conference proceedings include: Artificial organs, bioengineering education, bionanotechnology, ...

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7th Asian-Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering : APCMBE 2008 22–25 April 2008 Beijing, China

This volume presents the proceedings of the 7th Asian-Pacific Conference on Medical and Biological Engineering (APCMBE 2008). ...

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Advances in Dental Implantology using Nanomaterials and Allied Technology Applications

This book discusses how nanotechnology has influenced the provision of implant treatment from surgery to prosthetic reconstruction ...

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Applications of Biomedical Engineering in Dentistry

Applications of Biomedical Engineering in Dentistry offers readers a valuable overview of recent advances in biomedical engineering, ...

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Applications of Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology

Cell Immobilisation Biotechnology" is divided into the two book volumes, FOBI 8A and FOBI 8B. The FOBI 8A volume, Fundamentals ...

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Applied Scanning Probe Methods X : Biomimetics and Industrial Applications

The success of the Springer Series Applied Scanning Probe Methods I–VII and the rapidly expanding activities in scanning ...

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Bio-Materials & Prototyping Applications in Medicine

Bio-Materials and Prototyping Applications in Medicine focuses on bio-materials and prototyping applications in medical environments. ...

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BioMEMS and Biomedical Nanotechnology

The human body is composed of structures organized in a hierarchical fashion: from biomolecules assembled into polymers, ...

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Bioceramics and biocomposites: from research to clinical practice / Antoniac, Iulian(Editor)

This book covers the basic science and engineering of bioceramics and biocomposites for applications in dentistry and orthopedics, ...

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Bioengineering in Cell and Tissue Research

This book reviews the latest technological developments of bioengineering approaches in cell and tissue research. It is meant ...

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Biomaterials, an Introduction is intended as a general introduction to the uses of artificial materials in the human body ...

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Bioreactors for Tissue Engineering

This volume addresses the issue of mechanical conditioning of the tissue, and describes the use of techniques such as MRI ...

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Bone Morphogenetic Proteins: From Local to Systemic Therapeutics

Tissue engineering is gaining interest as it is applied for regeneration of organs to attain their lost function. Although ...

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Bone and Cartilage Engineering

Bone and Cartilage Engineering presents the theory and practice of cell-based regeneration of skeletal defects. Much of the ...

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Brain-Computer Interfaces : An International Assessment of Research and Development Trends

This WTEC study gathered information on worldwide status and trends in BCI research to disseminate to government decisionmakers ...

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Cardiovascular Regeneration Therapies Using Tissue Engineering Approaches

The cardiovascular system transports oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body; therefore, any impediment to this system ...

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Cell Engineering

A reference on the development of cellular systems for the production of recombinant glycoproteins, gene and cell therapies, ...

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Cell Separation

This special volume on cell separations discusses fundamental and applied aspects of the analytical and preparative cell-separation ...

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Collagen : Structure and Mechanics

Collagen: Structure and Mechanics provides a cohesive introduction to collagen-rich tissues, such as tendon, bone, cornea ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /47