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A Companion to Contemporary Drawing / Kelly Chorpening, Rebecca Fortnum, Dana Arnold

Textbook on the power, condition, and expanse of contemporary fine art drawing. his textbook: Demonstrates ways contemporary ...

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A companion to Islamic art and architecture / Flood, Finbarr Barry, Necipoğlu, Gülru

The Companion represents recent developments in the field, and encourages future horizons by commissioning innovative essays ...

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Building Meaning : An Architecture Studio Primer on Design, Theory, and History / Tamara Metz

Introduction to the complex relationship between form making, historical analysis, and conceptual explorations. This book ...

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Forty Ways to Think About Architecture: Architectural History and Theory Today / Iain Borden, Murray Fraser, Barbara Penner

How do we think about architecture historically and theoretically? Forty Ways to Think about Architecture provides an introduction ...

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Introducing Architectural Tectonics Exploring the Intersection of Design and Construction / Chad Schwartz

Focuses on the tectonic analysis of twenty contemporary works of architecture located in eleven countries including Germany, ...

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The Architecture of Persistence : Designing for Future Use / David Fannon, Michelle Laboy, Peter Wiederspahn

Why do some buildings last for generations as beloved and useful places, while others do not? How can designers today create ...

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Total Books: 1 - 6 /6