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Acoustic Emission Testing : Basics for Research - Applications in Civil Engineering

The book covers all levels from the description of AE basics for AE beginners (level of a student) to sophisticated AE algorithms ...

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Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows : Part I: Biology

Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows presents the basic knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques necessary to carry out ...

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Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows : Part II: Mechanics and Medical Aspects

Biology and Mechanics of Blood Flows presents the basic knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques necessary to carry out ...

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Classical and Advanced Theories of Thin Structures : Mechanical and Mathematical Aspects

The book presents an updated state-of-the-art overview of the general aspects and practical applications of the theories ...

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Collagen : Structure and Mechanics

Collagen: Structure and Mechanics provides a cohesive introduction to collagen-rich tissues, such as tendon, bone, cornea ...

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Contact Problems : The legacy of L.A. Galin

L.A. Galin's book on contact problems is a remarkable work. Actually there are two books: the first, published in 1953 deals ...

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Defect and Material Mechanics : Proceedings of the International Symposium on Defect and Material Mechanics (ISDMM), held in Aussois, France, March 25–29, 2007

This volume presents recent developments in the theory of defects and the mechanics of material forces. Most of the contributions ...

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Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations : An Introduction

The book presents in detail the used mathematical tools, such as tensor algebra and analysis. The general theory of mechanical ...

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Finite Element Methods for Engineering Sciences : Theoretical Approach and Problem Solving Techniques

This self-tutorial offers a concise yet thorough grounding in the mathematics necessary for successfully applying FEMs to ...

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Finite Elements in Structural Analysis : Theoretical Concepts and Modeling Procedures in Statics and Dynamics of Structures / Horst Werkle

Introduces the basic concepts of the finite element method in the static and dynamic analysis of beam, plate, shell and solid ...

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Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics: Theory and Computation / Mario Paz, Young Hoon Kim

A comprehensive text in the field. It presents modern methods of analysis and techniques adaptable to computer programming ...

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Handbook of Contact Mechanics : Exact Solutions of Axisymmetric Contact Problems

This book contains a structured collection of complete solutions of all significant axially symmetric contact problems. It ...

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IUTAM Symposium on Relations of Shell Plate Beam and 3D Models : Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium on the Relations of Shell, Plate, Beam, and 3D Models, Dedicated to the Centenary of Ilia Vekua’s Birth, held in Tbilisi, Georgia, April 23-27, 2007

This proceedings volume contains papers on the main topics reflecting the scientific programme of the symposium: hierarchical, ...

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IUTAM Symposium on Theoretical, Computational and Modelling Aspects of Inelastic Media : Proceedings of the IUTAM Symposium held at Cape Town, South Africa, January 14–18, 2008

This work comprises papers based on some of the talks presented at the IUTAM Symposium of the same name, held in Cape Town, ...

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Introduction to Relativistic Continuum Mechanics

This mathematically-oriented introduction takes the point of view that students should become familiar, at an early stage, ...

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Lifetime Estimation of Welded Joints

In the paper the author attempts to assess the fatigue life of chosen welded joints. It focuses especially on chosen problems ...

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Linearization Methods for Stochastic Dynamic Systems

The aim of this book is to give a systematic introduction to and overview of the relatively simple and popular linearization ...

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Machining : Fundamentals and Recent Advances

Machining is one of the most important manufacturing processes. Parts manufactured by others processes often require further ...

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Micro-Macro-interaction : In Structured media and Particle Systems

This book presents the development of new methods in this interdisciplinary field of macro- micro-interactions of different ...

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Modern Testing Techniques for Structural Systems : Dynamics and Control

The articles in this book describe new developments in the area of structural testing, particularly those based upon the ...

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