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Apoptosis, Senescence, and Cancer

Apoptosis, Senescence and Cancer provides insight into established practices and research into apoptosis and senescence by ...

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Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice : Neurologic Complications of Cancer and Its Treatment

This book gives a comprehensive analysis of how cancer affects the nervous system, It encompasses the experience of senior ...

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Cancer du sein avancé : 29es Journées de la Société Française de Sénologie et Pathologie Mammaire (SFSPM) Avignon, 14–16 novembre 2007 = Advanced breast cancer: 29th Days of the French Society of Senology and Breast Pathology (SFSPM) Avignon, November 14–16, 2007

These days are an opportunity to remind and persuade those less convinced that the treatment of this very particular phase ...

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Chirurgie oncoplastique et reconstruction dans le cancer du sein : Techniques et indications L’expérience de l’Institut Curie = Oncoplastic surgery and reconstruction in breast cancer : Techniques and indications The Institut Curie experience

This book is the application of plastic surgery techniques to cancer situations that is called "oncoplastic" surgery. The ...

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Cured II - LENT Cancer Survivorship Research and Education : Late Effects on Normal Tissues

Multimodal treatment lies at the heart of the improvement in cancer cure rates. However, the more aggressive the treatment ...

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General Methods and Overviews, Lung Carcinoma and Prostate Carcinoma

This is the first book that discusses the subjects of diagnosis, therapy, therapy assessment, and prognosis of lung and prostate ...

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Late Effects of Cancer Treatment on Normal Tissues

This volume is based on the LENT V NCI-sponsored meeting held in May 2004 and the CURED I conference held in 2006. It addresses ...

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Liver Radioembolization with Y90 Microspheres

This book provides an in-depth account of all aspects of radioembolization, a relatively novel technique based on the efficacy ...

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Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis : Breast Carcinoma

Focusing on Breast Carcinoma, this first volume in the series Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis brings together ...

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Myeloma Bone Disease / Rebecca Silbermann, G. David Roodman (auth.), G. David Roodman (eds.)

This book presents the forefront in the science and clinical management of myeloma bone disease. Assembling the work of ...

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Radiation Oncology : An Evidence-Based Approach

Radiation Oncology: An Evidence-Based Approach (ROEBA) is a reference book designed to enable radiation oncologists, including ...

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Radiation Oncology Advances

Radiation Oncology Advances provides a comprehensive overview of the exciting developments shaping the current and future ...

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Total Books: 1 - 12 /12