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Aging, Shaking, and Cracking of Infrastructures : From Mechanics to Concrete Dams and Nuclear Structures / Victor E. Saouma, M. Amin Hariri-Ardebili

Focuses on the safety assessment of existing structures subjected to multi-hazard scenarios through advanced numerical methods. ...

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Coherent Semiconductor Optics

This book introduces the basic theoretical concepts required for the analysis of the optical response of semiconductor systems ...

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Extreme Nonlinear Optics

Following the birth of the laser in 1960, the field of "nonlinear optics" rapidly emerged. Today, laser intensities and ...

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Femtosecond Optical Frequency Comb: Principle, Operation and Applications

This book provides an introductory description of mode-locked lasers, the connection between time and frequency descriptions ...

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Introduction to Optics

Since the discovery of the laser in 1960 and optical fibers in 1970, optics has undergone dramatic changes that accentuate ...

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Kramers-Kronig Relations in Optical Materials Research

This is the first one-volume work to provide a thorough and comprehensive description of the physical background, rigorous ...

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Optical Imaging and Microscopy : Techniques and Advanced Systems

This text on contemporary optical systems is intended for optical researchers and engineers, graduate students and optical ...

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Optical Microresonators / Theory, Fabrication, and Applications

This book explains why microresonators came to be important components in the photonic toolbox. While functionally similar ...

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Photonic Crystals / Towards Nanoscale Photonic Devices

Just like the periodical crystalline potential in solid state crystals determines their properties for the conduction of ...

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Photonic Crystals: Physics and Technology

The aim of the work is give an overview of the activity in the field of Photonic Crystal developed in the frame of COST P11 ...

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Photorefractive Materials and Their Applications 1

Photorefractive Materials and Their Applications 1 - Basic Effects is the first of three volumes within the Springer Series ...

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Photorefractive Materials and Their Applications 3

In this third volume a series of applications on photorefractive nonlinear optics and optical data storage are presented. ...

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The Supercontinuum Laser Source

This book covers the fundamental principles and surveys research of current thinkers and experts in the field with updated ...

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Total Books: 1 - 13 /13