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Coming to Terms with Superdiversity

This book discusses Rotterdam as clear example of a superdiverse city that is only reluctantly coming to terms with this ...

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Constructing Roma Migrants : European Narratives and Local Governance

This book presents a cross-disciplinary insight and policy analysis into the effects of European legal and political frameworks ...

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Ethnic Identity, Social Mobility and the Role of Soulmates

Based on a study among higher-educated adult children of lower-class Turkish and Moroccan immigrants in the Netherlands, ...

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Geographies of Asylum in Europe and the Role of European Localities

This book describes how the numerous arrivals of asylum seekers since 2015 shaped reception and integration processes in ...

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Highly-Skilled Migration: Between Settlement and Mobility IMISCOE Short Reader

This book discusses the emerging patterns of sedentary migration versus mobility of the highly-skilled thereby providing ...

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Migrants and Expats: The Swiss Migration and Mobility Nexus

This book provides insight on current patterns of migration in Switzerland, which fall along a continuum from long-term and ...

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Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe Evolving Conceptual and Policy Challenges

This book explores the conceptual challenges posed by the presence of migrants with irregular immigration status in Europe ...

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Migrants, Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ Integration in European Labour Markets A Comparative Approach on Legal Barriers and Enablers

This book discusses how, and to what extent, the legal and institutional regimes and the socio-cultural environments of a ...

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Migration and Discrimination IMISCOE Short Reader

This book provides a state of the art overview of the discrimination research field, with particular focus on discrimination ...

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Migration and Social Protection in Europe and Beyond (Volume 2) Comparing Consular Services and Diaspora Policies

This second book in a series of three volumes examines the repertoire of policies and programmes led by EU Member States ...

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Migration and Social Protection in Europe and Beyond (Volume 3) A Focus on Non-EU Sending States

This third and last volume in the series takes the perspective of non-EU countries on immigrant social protection. By focusing ...

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Migration to and from Welfare States Lived Experiences of the Welfare–Migration Nexus in a Globalised World

This book explores the role of family, public, market and third sector welfare provision for individual and households’ ...

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Migration, Urbanity and Cosmopolitanism in a Globalized World

This book draws a theoretically productive triangle between urban studies, theories of cosmopolitanism, and migration studies ...

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Mobilities of the Highly Skilled towards Switzerland

This book analyses the strategies of migration intermediaries from the public and private sectors in Switzerland to select, ...

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New and Old Routes of Portuguese Emigration

This book offers a comparative overview on Portuguese emigration in Europe and outside the EU in times of recession. In ...

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Nostalgia and Hope: Intersections between Politics of Culture, Welfare, and Migration in Europe

This book shows how the politics of migration affect community building in the 21st century, drawing on both retrogressive ...

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Pathways and Consequences of Legal Irregularity

This book provides a unique study of the complexities and consequences of irregular legal status of Senegalese migrants in ...

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Revisiting Migrant Networks : Migrants and their Descendants in Labour Markets

This book provides new conceptualisations on the networks of migrants and their descendants in accessing the labour market. ...

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South-North Migration of EU Citizens in Times of Crisis

This open access book looks at the migration of Southern European EU citizens (from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece) who move ...

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Towards a Systemic Theory of Irregular Migration Explaining Ecuadorian Irregular Migration in Amsterdam and Madrid

This book provides an alternative theoretical framework of irregular migration that allows to overcome many of the contradictions ...

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