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Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology

The book is divided into two sections. The first techniques section covers the principles and characteristics of techniques ...

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Advanced Techniques in Soil Microbiology

"Advanced Techniques in Soil Microbiology" presents a wide range of biotechnological methods for application in soil microbiology ...

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Advances in Microbiology, Infectious Diseases and Public Health

Focuses on current progress in the broad field of medical microbiology, and covers both basic and applied topics related ...

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Aids-Associated Viral Oncogenesis

AIDS-associated viral oncology is a significant healthcare problem. Since the identification of human immunodeficiency virus ...

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The pioneering work of Dr. Koki Horikoshi on the discovery, research and applications of alkaliphilic bacteria are described ...

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Amazing Numbers in Biology

With hundreds of tables and over 10,000 entries anyone who works or studies in the life sciences or those with a curious ...

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Amino Acid Biosynthesis – Pathways, Regulation and Metabolic Engineering

Amino Acids Biosynthesis presents the current knowledge of fundamental as well as applied microbiology of amino acids. Topics ...

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Aulton's Pharmaceutics : The Design and Manufacture of Medicines / Kevin Taylor, Michael Aulton

Offers a complete course in one book for students in all years of undergraduate pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences degrees. ...

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Bacterial Signal Transduction: Networks and Drug Targets

Interactions among different TCSs enable one system to respond to multiple signals, which is important for bacteria to minutely ...

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Bergeys Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology

Includes introductory chapters on classification of prokaryotes, the concept of bacterial species, numerical and polyphasic ...

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Bergeys Manual® of Systematic Bacteriology

Includes a description of the Alpha-, Beta-, Delta-, and Epsilonproteabacteria (1256 pages, 512 figures, and 371 tables). ...

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Biological Nitrogen Fixation: Towards Poverty Alleviation through Sustainable Agriculture

This volume covers recent developments in both fundamental and applied research in biological nitrogen fixation. It emphasizes ...

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Biomining is the biotechnology that uses microorganisms to recover metals, in particular copper and gold, from ores and concentrates. ...

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Biostatistics and Microbiology: A Survival Manual

This book presents a step-by-step manner that eliminates the greatest obstacle to the learner, which is applying the many ...

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Biotechnology for Odor and Air Pollution Control

An international board of authors from universities, research institutes, and industries describe various biotechnological ...

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Biotechnology for the Future

One area that has attracted much attention is the use of cell factories for the production of a wide range of chemicals. ...

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Buruli Ulcer : Mycobacterium Ulcerans Disease

A major objective of this book is to summarize the current status of Buruli Ulcer (BU) research for the first time. It will ...

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CD137 Pathway

This comprehensive volume, written by experts in the field, covers nearly all aspects of ongoing research related to the ...

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Central Nervous System Diseases and Inflammation

This volume serves as a succinct and well-organized reference volume focused on inflammatory CNS disease to a wide audience. ...

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Class 1 Oxidoreductases IX

Springer Handbook of Enzymes provides data on enzymes sufficiently well characterized. It offers concise and complete descriptions ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /104