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Agriculture and Climate Beyond 2015

Interactions between agriculture, climate and patterns of land use are complex. Major changes in agriculture, and land use ...

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Biofuels and Sustainability

This open access book presents a comprehensive analysis of biofuel use strategies from an interdisciplinary perspective using ...

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Changing Land Use Patterns in the Coastal Zone

Coastal ecosystems make up some of the most important, yet most endangered, regions in the world. The protection of the unique ...

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Climate-Smart Food

This book asks just how climate-smart our food really is. It follows an average day's worth of food and drink to see where ...

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Deltas in the Anthropocene

The Anthropocene is the human-dominated modern era that has accelerated social, environmental and climate change across the ...

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Earth Observation Science and Applications for Risk Reduction and Enhanced Resilience in Hindu Kush Himalaya Region A Decade of Experience from SERVIR

This book is a consolidation of lessons learnt and experiences gathered from our efforts to utilise Earth observation (EO) ...

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Forest and Rangeland Soils of the United States Under Changing Conditions A Comprehensive Science Synthesis

This book synthesizes leading-edge science and management information about forest and rangeland soils of the United States. ...

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Fostering Transformative Change for Sustainability in the Context of Socio-Ecological Production Landscapes and Seascapes (SEPLS)

This book is a compilation of case studies that provide useful knowledge and lessons that derive from on-the-ground activities ...

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Land-Use and Land-Cover Change

The book presents recent estimates of the rates in changes of major land classes such as forest, cropland and pasture. Among ...

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Methods for Measuring Greenhouse Gas Balances and Evaluating Mitigation Options in Smallholder Agriculture

This book provides standards and guidelines for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and removals in smallholder agricultural ...

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Multifunctional Land Use

The book contributes to the scientific basis for future land development strategies and helps supporting land use decision ...

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Research Methods in Urban and Regional Planning

Urban and regional planners develop and evaluate plans for communities—the places we live, work, interact, and entertain ...

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Soil Biological Fertility

This book presents a comprehensive scientific overview of the components and processes that underpin the biological characteristics ...

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Sustainability Impact Assessment of Land Use Changes

There are many reasons why strategic intelligence is required to support policy decisions. These primarily stem from the ...

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Sustainable Land Use in Mountainous Regions of Southeast Asia

Mountainous regions are vitally important ecosystems. They are an important storage of fresh water and energy, a rich source ...

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Total Books: 1 - 15 /15