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Digital Business Strategies in Blockchain Ecosystems : Transformational Design and Future of Global Business / Umit Hacioglu

Analyzes the effects of the latest technological advances in blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) on business operations ...

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Digital Transformation in Norwegian Enterprises / Patrick Mikalef, Elena Parmiggiani

Presents a number of case studies on digital transformation in Norway, one of the fore-runners in the digital progress index ...

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Digitalization and the Future of Financial Services : Innovation and Impact of Digital Finance / Darko B. Vukovic, Moinak Maiti

The aim of this book is to extend our understandings on how digitalization and the future of financial services can be helpful ...

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Digitization of the Management Accounting Function : A Case Study Analysis on Manufacturing Companies / Oliver Holtkemper

Analyzes the impact of digitization on management accounting in five manufacturing companies. It is one of the first in-depth ...

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Financial Technologies and DeFi : A Revisit to the Digital Finance Revolution / Abeba N. Turi

Fleshes out the core developments and trending fintech 2.0 solutions that pause challenges and bring opportunities for businesses ...

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Goliath Strikes Back : How Traditional Retailers Are Winning Back Customers from Ecommerce Startups / Peter S. Cohan

Goliath Strikes Back: How Traditional Retailers Are Winning Back Customers from Ecommerce Startups expands on this current ...

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Innovation Scorecard : A Method to Measure Innovation in Agile Projects and Business Environments / Ondrej Zizlavsky

The concept of innovation is not new. It relates closely to the concept of change. Both are inevitable in today’s and tomorrow’s ...

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Leading Edge Technologies in Fashion Innovation : Product Design and Development Process from Materials to the End Products to Consumers / Young-A Lee

Offers cutting-edge knowledge on various design and product development related technologies, and applications of these technologies ...

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Managing Humans : More Biting and Humorous Tales of a Software Engineering Manage / Michael Lopp

Expands on the previous editions’ explorations of management essentials including handling stress, building diverse teams, ...

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Managing Innovation in Organisations : ostering an Entrepreneurial Approach / Vanessa Ratten

Explores how organisations need to manage their innovation processes in order to compete in the global marketplace. Innovation ...

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New Frontiers for Design of Interior Lighting Products / Andrea Siniscalco

Explores the single components that commonly constitute luminaires for interiors, describing their operating principles, ...

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Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) : Examining the Impact on Consumers and Marketing Strategies / Andrea Sestino, Gianluigi Guido

Focuses on the relevance of non-fungible token-based products in the current hyper-digitalized and hyper-connected world. ...

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Organizational Models for Industry 4.0 : Lean, Agile and Service-Oriented Organizations / Mantas Vilkas

Shows which digital manufacturing innovations, lean practices, and services contribute to leanness-related performance capabilities ...

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Resource Recombination in Firms from a Dynamic Capability Perspective / Kerstin Kurzhals

Elaborates the concept of Resource Recombination in firms from a Dynamic Capability perspective. With the investigation of ...

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Responsible Innovation Management / Hing Kai Chan, Martin J. Liu

Features state-of-the-art studies on the responsible innovation management. It illustrates the innovative methods from socio-economic ...

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Risk-sharing in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The costs of developing a new drug have reached record levels in the pharmaceutical industry. As any failure of a new drug ...

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Strategic Entrepreneurship : Perspectives on Dynamics, Theories, and Practices / Nezameddin Faghih, Amir Forouharfar

Provides an introduction to the theories of strategic entrepreneurship and accounts of their real-world applications in the ...

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Sustainable Innovation : Trends in Marketing and Management / Anshu Saxena Arora, Sabine Bacouel-Jentjens,

In today’s ever-changing global world, there is a permanent need for anticipating new and evolving customer needs, resource ...

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Technology-Oriented Customer Touchpoints in Context of Services in Retailing : A Differentiated Analysis on Social Presence and Privacy Calculus / Tobias Röding

Addresses the topic of technology use along different touchpoints in context of different services in retailing, both in ...

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The Future of Management in an AI World : Redefining Purpose and Strategy in the Fourth Industrial Revolution / Jordi Canals, Franz Heukamp

Containing international insights from leading figures from the world of management and technology, this book addresses the ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /23