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A Cost Based Approach to Project Management : Planning and Controlling Construction Project Costs /

Illustrates the principles of project management and the essentials of cost planning and control with easy-to-understand ...

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Advances in Assessment and Modeling of Earthquake Loss

This book originates from an international workshop organized by Turkish Natural Catastrophe Insurance Pool (TCIP) in November ...

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Analyzing Uncertainty in Civil Engineering

This volume addresses the issue of uncertainty in civil engineering from design to construction. Failures do occur in practice. ...

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Biogeochemical Cycles in Globalization and Sustainable Development

This valuable study of environmental subsystems functioning under various climatic and anthropogenic conditions provides ...

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Bringing the Sun Down to Earth : Designing Inexpensive Instruments for Monitoring the Atmosphere

The book describes in detail how to design, build, calibrate, and use inexpensive instruments for measuring solar radiation, ...

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Catalogue of Risks : Natural, Technical, Social and Health Risks

The book clearly shows the interdependence of risk measures. Safety and risks cannot be discussed only by looking at specific ...

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China’s Gas Development Strategies

This book is open access under a CC BY 4.0 license. This book examines how China can increase the share of natural gas in ...

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Cloud-Resolving Modeling of Convective Processes

The book introduces the framework of cloud-resolving model, methodologies for analysis of modeling outputs, and validation ...

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Design and Construction of Tunnels : Analysis of controlled deformation in rocks and soils (ADECO-RS)

It uses the advance core (the core of ground ahead of the face) as a structural tool for the long and short term stabilisation ...

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Dynamics of Freezing-Thawing Soil around Subway Shield Tunnels / Zhen-Dong Cui

Addresses development laws for axial strain and excess pore water pressure in silty clay around subway shield tunnels before ...

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Earth Structures : In Transport, Water and Environmental Engineering

This book describes the principles of working with soil as a construction material, including two basic ways of treating ...

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Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering

This book contains the full papers on which the invited lectures of the 4th International Conference on Geotechnical Earthquake ...

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Earthquakes: Simulations, Sources and Tsunamis

This book includes a variety of studies that focus on the modeling of tsunamis and earthquakes, both large-scale simulation ...

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Economic Evaluations in Exploration

This textbook, now in its second English edition, is originally a translation of the G- man textbook “Rechnen für Lagerstättenkundler ...

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Encyclopedia of Soil Science

The Encyclopedia of Soil Science provides a comprehensive, alphabetical treatment of basic soil science in a single volume. ...

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Excavations and Foundations in Soft Soils

The book is about soft soil engineering and is intended to serve the practicing as well as the research engineers. The planning, ...

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Flood Warning, Forecasting and Emergency Response

This book provides a comprehensive account of flood warning, forecasting and emergency response processes, including techniques ...

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Geodetic and Geophysical Observations in Antarctica : An Overview in the IPY Perspective

This book is a collection of papers on various aspects of the scientific investigation and observation techniques of the ...

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Geological Atlas of Africa : With Notes on Stratigraphy, Tectonics, Economic Geology, Geohazards, Geosites and Geoscientific Education of Each Country

T is atlas is intended primarily for anybody who is in-some background for the arrangement of how the terested in basic geology ...

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GeomInt–Mechanical Integrity of Host Rocks

This book summarizes the results of the collaborative project “GeomInt: Geomechanical integrity of host and barrier rocks ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /55