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Abord Clinique des Urgences au Domicile du Patient = Emergency Clinic at the Patient's Home

The general practitioner finds himself alone in the face of difficult and urgent situations. Her internship years taught ...

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Anxiety Disorders : A Pocket Guide for Primary Care

In Anxiety Disorders: A Pocket Guide for Primary Care, distinguished clinicians combine over a century of experience into ...

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Common Dermatologic Conditions in Primary Care

This book offers a guide to common dermatologic conditions most often treated by primary care providers. Most dermatologic ...

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Coronary Heart Disease in Clinical Practice

The broad coverage of this book includes chapters on all aspects of modern coronary heart disease practice, including cardiac ...

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Cough: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis and Treatment

This book provides an updated and comprehensive overview of cough, while opening new perspectives for their treatment and ...

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Dentofacial Anomalies : Implications for Voice and Wind Instrument Performance / bdul Latif Hamdan, Robert Thayer Sataloff, Valerie Trollinger, Mary J. Hawkshaw

Discusses how dentofacial anomalies affect voice and wind instrument playing with emphasis on upper airway space shape and ...

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Energy Metabolism and Obesity : Research and Clinical Applications

This book elucidate the most important aspects of genetic background, neuropeptide secretion and action, neuronal pathways, ...

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Essential Infectious Disease Topics for Primary Care

This book provides an easy-to-use, practical, yet comprehensive resource for family practitioners to use in the daily struggle ...

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Evidence-Based Medical Ethics : Cases for Practice-Based Learning

In Evidence-Based Medical Ethics: Cases for Practice-Based Learning, the authors address what has been missing in existing ...

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Flexibility: A Concise Guide : To Conditioning, Performance Enhancement, Injury Prevention, and Rehabilitation

This groundbreaking book is a definitive guide to flexibility and revises the conceptual framework of the field. In Flexibility: ...

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Geriatrics for Specialists

This book aims to be a single point of reference for advances in the care of geriatric populations across medical and surgical ...

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Gerodontology Essentials for Health Care Professionals / Anastassia Kossioni

Provides basic knowledge and skills for non-dental healthcare practitioners, helping them recognize the importance of oral ...

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Hair Growth and Disorders

This lavishly illustrated textbook provides the latest scientific aspects of hair biology, up-to-date knowledge on hair diagnosis ...

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Hyperlipidemia Management for Primary Care : An Evidence-Based Approach

Hyperlipidemia Management for Primary Care: An Evidence-Based Approach is a comprehensive resource for primary care providers ...

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Le cefalee: manuale teorico-pratico = Headaches: theoretical and practical manual

Headaches are one of the problems that doctors have to deal with most often. They have protean clinical aspects which correspond ...

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Operations Research and Health Care

In both rich and poor nations, public resources for health care are inadequate to meet demand. Policy makers and health care ...

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Pain in Children : A Practical Guide for Primary Care

Advances over the past two decades have enabled physicians to revolutionize the manner in which they can assess and manage ...

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Pocket Guide Pain Management

In the United States about 50 million people sufer from recurrent or chronic pain, and nearly 10% of adults take medication ...

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Principles of Clinical Medicine for Space Flight

Advances over the past decades in space flight technology have allowed U.S., Russian, and other space programs to not only ...

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Principles of Electronic Prescribing

Electronic prescribing (EP) is a complex discipline, the success of which relies on the successful interplay of system design, ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /30