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Abuse of Dominant Position: New Interpretation, New Enforcement Mechanisms?

As part of its review of competition law that started in the late 1990s, the European Commission proposes to revise its interpretation ...

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Borderless Knowledge : Understanding the “New” Internationalisation of Research and Higher Education in Norway

this book analyses patterns of internationalisation comprising the national and supranational level, the level of higher ...

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Decentralised Government in an Integrating World

The book offers a comprehensive empirical analysis of the determinants of changes in the distribution of expenditure and ...

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Development in Turbulent Times

This open access book explores the most recent trends in the EU in terms of development, progress, and performance.This book ...

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EU-Turkey Relations Theories, Institutions, and Policies

This book explores the new complexities and ambiguities that epitomize EU-Turkey relations. With a strong focus on the developments ...

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Europe: I Struggle, I Overcome

Wilfried Martens has devoted his entire life to politics: as student leader, youth activist, President of the Flemish Christian ...

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European Research Reloaded: Cooperation and Integration among Europeanized States

European integration has had an ever deepening impact on the member states. The first wave of research concerned the process ...

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European Variations as a Key to Cooperation

This book offers a novel view on the benefits of a lasting variation between the member states in the EU. In order to bring ...

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Governing Europe under a Constitution

At the summit in Laeken in December 2001 the European Council opened the debate on the reform of the supranational structures ...

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Illiberal Trends and Anti-EU Politics in East Central Europe

This book provides an in-depth look into the background of rule of law problems and the open defiance of EU law in East ...

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Institutional Reform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The authors of this book advise the economies of the European Union to become more entrepreneurial in promoting innovation ...

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Integration, Growth, and Cohesion in an Enlarged European Union

This book’s thirteen contributions bring together the results of recent research on determinants of regional specialization, ...

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Local Heroes in the Global Village

 The book contributes to the debate what role public policies play in stimulating national and regional economic growth. ...

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Napoleonic Governance in the Netherlands and Northwest Germany Conquest, Incorporation, and Integration

This Palgrave Pivot explores the ways in which French Emperor Napoleon tried to integrate the present-day Netherlands and ...

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Preferences and Procedures

Preferences and Procedures presents and tests game-theoretic models of European Union legislative decision-making. It is ...

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Quantitative Economic Policy : Essays in Honour of Andrew Hughes Hallett

Quantitative economic policy and econometrics were developed along with macroeconomics in the 1930s. Econometric techniques ...

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Research, Quality, Competitiveness

The book is divided into three sections: an introduction to the structure of the EU, a review of EU competitiveness, and ...

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Security in an Interconnected World A Strategic Vision for Defence Policy

This book follows the idea that security policy must be based on strategic analysis. Defence policy and the role of the armed ...

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Services Liberalisation in the Internal Market

Liberalisation of cross-border service provision developed into one of the most controversial European integration issues. ...

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Solidarity in Europe

This open access volume provides evidence-based knowledge on European solidarity and citizen responses in times of crisis. ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /28