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A General Introduction to Data Analytics / Joao Moreira, Andre Carvalho, Tomás Horvath

A guide to the principles and methods of data analysis that does not require knowledge of statistics or programming. A guide ...

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Data Center Handbook: Plan, Design, Build, and Operations of a Smart Data Center, 2nd Edition / Hwaiyu Geng

Explains the fundamentals, advanced technologies, and best practices used in planning, designing, building and operating ...

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Data Mining: Concepts, Models, Methods, and Algorithms, 3rd Edition / Mehmed Kantardzic

Presents the latest techniques for analyzing and extracting information from large amounts of data in high-dimensional data ...

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Distributed Systems : Concepts and Design / George Coulouris

Aims to provide an understanding of the principles on which the Internet and other distributed systems are based; their architecture, ...

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Distributed Systems: Concurrency and Consistency / Matthieu Perrin

Explores the gray area of distributed systems and draws a map of weak consistency criteria, identifying several families ...

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Fostering Innovation: How to Build an Amazing IT Team / Andrew Laudato

In Fostering Innovation: How to Build an Amazing IT Team, accomplished technology strategist, executive, and leader Andrew ...

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Nonlinear Optimization with Financial Applications

The book introduces the key ideas behind practical nonlinear optimization. Computational finance—an increasingly popular ...

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Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms / Maurizio Gabbrielli, Simone Martini

Programming Languages is a self-contained approach to the topic, and differentiates between the design, implementation and ...

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Total Books: 1 - 8 /8