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A Short Course on Operator Semigroups

The book gives a streamlined and systematic introduction to strongly continuous semigroups of bounded linear operators on ...

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Advances in Control, Signal Processing and Energy Systems

Covers topics on both theoretical control systems and their applications across engineering domains such as automatic control, ...

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Advances in Discrete Differential Geometry

This is one of the first books on a newly emerging field of discrete differential geometry and an excellent way to access ...

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Advances of Computational Intelligence in Industrial Systems

Advances of Computational Intelligence in Industrial Systems reports the exploration of CI frontiers with an emphasis on ...

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Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Problems

This book reports recent mathematical developments in the Programme "Analysis, Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale Problems", ...

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Approximate and Noisy Realization of Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems

This monograph deals with approximation and noise cancellation of dynamical systems which include linear and nonlinear input/output ...

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Aspects of Physical Biology : Biological Water, Protein Solutions, Transport and Replication

The present volume focuses on three main subtopics (biological water, protein solutions as well as transport and replication), ...

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Auralization : Fundamentals of Acoustics, Modelling, Simulation, Algorithms and Acoustic Virtual Reality

"Auralization" is the technique of creation and reproduction of sound on the basis of computer data. With this tool is ...

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Biology and Control Theory: Current Challenges

Creating some links between control feedback and biology modeling communities based on similarities in modeling, observing ...

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Brain Dynamics : An Introduction to Models and Simualtions

Brain Dynamics serves to introduce graduate students and nonspecialists from various backgrounds to the field of mathematical ...

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Browning Agents and Active Particles : Collective Dynamics in the Natural and Social Sciences

Lays out a vision for a coherent framework for understanding complex systems'' (from the foreword by J. Doyne Farmer). ...

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Business Cycle Dynamics

Business cycle theory has been one of the fastest growing fields in modern nonlinear economic dynamics. The book is centered ...

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Chance : The life of games and the game of life

With its many easy-to-follow mathematical examples, this book takes the reader on an almost chronological trip through the ...

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Chaotic Dynamics and Transport in Classical and Quantum Systems

This book contains at Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on International Summer School on Chaotic Dynamics ...

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Collective Dynamics of Nonlinear and Disordered Systems

Phase transitions in disordered systems and related dynamical phenomena are a topic of intrinsically high interest in theoretical ...

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Complex Decision Making : Theory and Practice

The increasingly complex environment of today's world, characterized by technological innovation and global communication, ...

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Complex Nonlinearity : Chaos, Phase Transitions, Topology Change and Path Integrals

The book starts with a textbook-like expose on nonlinear dynamics, attractors and chaos, both temporal and spatio-temporal, ...

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Complex and Adaptive Dynamical Systems : A Primer

We are living in an ever more complex world, an epoch where human actions can accordingly acquire far-reaching potentialities. ...

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Computational Ergodic Theory

Ergodic theory is hard to study because it is based on measure theory, which is a technically difficult subject to master ...

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Computational Science and High Performance Computing III : The 3rd Russian-German Advanced Research Workshop, Novosibirsk, Russia, July 23 - 27, 2007

This volume contains 18 contributions to the Third Russian-German Advanced Research Workshop on Computational Science and ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /142