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Asylum Matters On the Front Line of Administrative Decision-Making

This book examines everyday practices in an asylum administration. Asylum decisions are often criticised as being ‘subjective’ ...

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Borders, Mobility and Technologies of Control

Borders, Mobility and Technologies of Control provides a model of criminological inquiry that is global in scope, constructionist ...

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Collaborating Against Child Abuse

This edited collection explores the background and implementation of the Nordic Barnahus (or 'Children's House') model ...

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Coping with Overloaded Criminal Justice Systems

The comparative study documented here was supported by the Fritz-Thyssen Foundation and the European Commission. It examined ...

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Counter-Terrorism Policing : Community, Cohesion and Security

This book charts these opportunities and challenges through unprecedented access to the police and diverse communities in ...

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Cybersecurity in Poland : Legal Aspects

This book explores the legal aspects of cybersecurity in Poland. The authors are not limited to the framework created by ...

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Do Exclusionary Rules Ensure a Fair Trial?

This publication discusses exclusionary rules in different criminal justice systems. It is based on the findings of a research ...

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Estimates of Cost of Crime : History, Methodologies, and Implications

With the emergence and development of quantitative methods in economics and statistics, the exercise of calculating costs ...

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Fighting Terror Online : The Convergence of Security, Technology, and the Law

This book presents the position that the online environment is a significant and relevant theater of activity in the fight ...

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Forensic Genetics in the Governance of Crime

This book uses a critical sociological perspective to explore contemporary ways of reformulating the governance of crime ...

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Individual Criminal Responsibility for Core International Crimes : Selected Pertinent Issues

The media has, of course, played a crucial role in increasing awareness of this concept, especially amongst the general populace. ...

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International Handbook of Juvenile Justice

This comprehensive reference work presents an in-depth analysis on the juvenile justice systems of 19 different countries, ...

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Modes of Bio-Bordering The Hidden (Dis)integration of Europe

This book explores how biometric data is increasingly flowing across borders in order to limit, control and contain the ...

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Outsourcing Legal Aid in the Nordic Welfare States

This edited collection provides a comprehensive analysis of the differences and similarities between civil legal aid schemes ...

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Social Consciousness and Legal Decision Making

Our basic assumption about the law is that it is designed to operate fairly and openly. But with human beings as the ultimate ...

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Statistics in Criminal Justice, Third Edition

Statistics in Criminal Justice takes an approach that emphasizes the uses of statistics in research in crime and justice. It's ...

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The Dual Nature of Legitimacy in the Prison Environment

explores the dual nature of legitimacy in prison. It examines the inter-connectivity between audience perception of legitimacy ...

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The Long View of Crime: A Synthesis of Longitudinal Research

The volume focuses on adolescence. Several adolescent experiences are considered directly, including employment, gang involvement, ...

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The Organized Crime Community : Essays in Honor of Alan A. Block

In his social investigative writings on "the serious crime community" which describes the loose merger of corporate interests, ...

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Use of Force Training in Law Enforcement

This Brief describes a reality based approach to use-of-force training in law enforcement, an area of growing importance. ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /22