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25 Years of P53 Research

Communication, awareness and access to information: Given the complexity of the field and the fact that data pertaining to ...

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Adhesion Molecules: Function and Inhibition

Inflammatory cell recruitment requires the concerted action of at least five major sets of adhesion molecules: integrins, ...

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Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos

This book gives an overview of the sessions, panel discussions, and outcomes of the Advancing the Science of Cancer in Latinos ...

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Angiogenesis : An Integrative Approach From Science to Medicine

It is an up-to-date and authoritative reference for the angiogenesis field as it relates to oncology. This book represents ...

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Cancer Clinical Trials: Proactive Strategies

The ever-changing regulations for clinical trials and the ethical dilemma of treating cancer patients as subjects have made ...

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Cancer Neurology in Clinical Practice : Neurologic Complications of Cancer and Its Treatment

This book gives a comprehensive analysis of how cancer affects the nervous system, It encompasses the experience of senior ...

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Cancer Proteomics

the authors collectively provide the current status of proteomics in cancer therapy and offers the existing technologies ...

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Cancer Stem Cells

This book describes the recent developments in the emerging field of cancer stem cells. Their possible impact for the identification ...

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Cancer: Cell Structures, Carcinogens and Genomic Instability

Tumors can be induced by a variety of physical and chemical carcinogens. The resulting tumor cells are usually abnormal in ...

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Cell Cycle Regulation

The cell cycle is tightly regulated on many different levels to ensure properly controlled proliferation. Deregulation of ...

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Checkpoint Responses in Cancer Therapy

This book’s distinguished panel of authors takes a close look at topics ranging from the major molecular players affecting ...

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Data and Text Processing for Health and Life Sciences

This book is a step-by-step introduction on how shell scripting can help solve many of the data processing tasks that Health ...

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Developmental Biology of Neoplastic Growth

In this book, tumour growth is perceived as a deviation from the normal development of the human organism. The molecular, ...

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Genes, Development, and Cancer

Edward B. Lewis' science is the bridge linking experimental genetics as conducted in the first half of the twentieth century, ...

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Injecting Salmonella Bacteria in to the Tumor Cures Cancer / Deema Al-Kutami ; Haneen Maklad ; Maya Al-Dheam ; Carol Esper

The human body is inhabited by millions of tiny living organisms like good bacteria. We acquire these bacteria during birth ...

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Java for Bioinformatics and Biomedical Applications

Illustrates how individual bioinformatics applications (such as BLAST and Genscan) can be stitched together into a pipeline ...

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Low-Dose Radiation Effects on Animals and Ecosystems Long-Term Study on the Fukushima Nuclear Accident

This book brings together the works of radiation biologists and ecologists to provide reliable radioecology data and gives ...

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Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis : Breast Carcinoma

Focusing on Breast Carcinoma, this first volume in the series Methods of Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy and Prognosis brings together ...

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New Trends in Cancer for the 21st Century

It is difficult to imagine anyone who has not heard of cancer. This disease can affect families, friends or any one of us ...

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Notch Signaling in Embryology and Cancer

This thoroughly revised second edition is an up-to-date overview of the current knowledge of Notch and Notch signaling in ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /41