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Bio-based Building Skin

This book provides a compendium of material properties, demonstrates several successful examples of bio-based materials’ ...

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Buildings for Education A Multidisciplinary Overview of The Design of School Buildings

This book presents theoretical and practical research relating to the vast, publicly financed program for the construction ...

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Digital Technologies in Construction Engineering : Selected Papers / Sergey Vasil'yevich Klyuev

Includes the latest advances, innovations, and applications in the field of construction engineering, as presented by researchers ...

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Digital Transformation of the Design, Construction and Management Processes of the Built Environment

This book focuses on the development of methods, interoperable and integrated ICT tools, and survey techniques for optimal ...

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Ecological and Health Effects of Building Materials / Junaid Ahmad Malik, Shriram Marathe

Deals with the present adverse effects of using precarious building materials on the ecology and human health. Also, the ...

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Finite Elements in Structural Analysis : Theoretical Concepts and Modeling Procedures in Statics and Dynamics of Structures / Horst Werkle

Introduces the basic concepts of the finite element method in the static and dynamic analysis of beam, plate, shell and solid ...

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Fire Safety for Very Tall Buildings : Engineering Guide / International Code Council

Provides information on special topics that affect the fire safety performance of very tall buildings, their occupants and ...

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Fundamentals of Structural Dynamics : Theory and Computation / Keith D. Hjelmstad

Closes the gap between traditional textbooks on structural dynamics and how structural dynamics is practiced in a world driven ...

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Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Civil Engineering

This book is a collection of accepted papers from the 8th International Conference on Civil Engineering (ICCE2021). Researchers ...

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Regeneration of the Built Environment from a Circular Economy Perspective

This book explores the strategic importance and advantages of adopting multidisciplinary and multiscalar approaches of inquiry ...

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Self-Healing Construction Materials : Fundamentals, Monitoring and Large Scale Applications / Antonios Kanellopoulos

Provides a thorough overview of all techniques for producing self-healing construction materials. Construction materials ...

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Spectral Finite Element Method : Wave Propagation, Diagnostics and Control in Anisotropic and Inhomogeneous Structures

This book is the first to apply SFEM to inhomogeneous and anisotropic structures in a unified and systematic manner. The ...

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Total Books: 1 - 12 /12