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A Comprehensive Guide to Child Custody Evaluations: Mental Health and Legal Perspectives

A Comprehensive Guide to Child Custody Evaluations covers these three essential areas to walk readers through the evaluation ...

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A Practical Guide to Service Learning

The ultimate goal for school psychologists, teachers, and other allied mental health and educational professionals is to ...

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Abnormal Psychology for First Responders

Natural disasters. Hostage situations. Terror attacks. During these and other emergency situations, first responders make ...

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Absolute Essentials of Business Behavioural Ethics / Nina Seppala

Behavioural ethics in business is an emerging field that has challenged some of the established wisdom about ethics and added ...

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Acceptance- and Mindfulness-Based Approaches to Anxiety

Chapter authors clearly place mindfulness and acceptance into the clinical lexicon, establishing links with established traditions, ...

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Acquired Brain Injury

Regardless of etiology, such as accident, tumor, stroke or assault, acquired brain injury presents numerous challenges for ...

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Adolescents and risk

The book describes the different risk behaviors, shows the linkages among them, explains the functions served by the various ...

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Advances in Case-Based Reasoning : 9th European Conference, ECCBR 2008, Trier, Germany, September 1-4, 2008. Proceedings

This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 9th European Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ECCBR 2008, held in ...

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Anxiety In Health Behaviors And Physical Illness

While the links between physical illness and depression have been well-documented and analyzed, little has been made of the ...

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Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders

Anxiety and Substance Use Disorders: The Vicious Cycle of Comorbidity addresses this gap with dispatches from the frontlines ...

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Arnheim, Gestalt and Art

The book discovers an unappreciated unity to Arnheim’s thinking. Not content to simply summarize Arnheim’s theory, however, ...

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Augmented Humanity Being and Remaining Agentic in a Digitalized World

This book will examine the implications of digitalization for the understanding of humanity, conceived as a community of ...

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Authoritative Communities

Authoritative Communities: The Scientific Case for Nurturing the Whole Child introduces innovative solutions based firmly ...

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Behavioral Consultation and Primary Care

Comprehensive, wise, and incredibly practical, this exciting volume walks through the joys and challenges of an entirely ...

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Behavioural Research for Marketing : A Practitioner's Handbook / Julian Adams

Provides market researchers and marketeers with the tools to better understand human behaviour by drawing upon social science ...

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Blockchain and Crypto Currency Building a High Quality Marketplace for Crypto Data

This book contributes to the creation of a cyber ecosystem supported by blockchain technology in which technology and people ...

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Causality of Psychological Injury

This sequel to the authors’ Psychological Knowledge in Court offers a welcome expansion on key concepts, terms, and issues ...

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Child Maltreatment and the Law

Child Maltreatment and the Law is a must-read for psychologists, developmentalists, sociologists, social workers, criminologists, ...

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Child Neuropsychology

Child Neuropsychology guides therapists and neurologists toward common goals: early, accurate diagnosis and finely focused ...

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Children and Peace From Research to Action

This book's multi-layered emphasis on context, structural determinants of peace and conflict, and use of research for action ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /181