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Advanced Environmental Monitoring

This book deals with recent developments and applications of environmental monitoring technologies, with emphasis on optical ...

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Aerosol Optics : Light Absorption and Scattering by Particles in the Atmosphere

is book provides a comprehensive review of available techniques for the remote sensing of aerosols. Although mostly satellite ...

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AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City : Phase 3: Civilian Participation – Including the Global Health Deal Proposition

This volume describes phase 3 of the AiREAS multidisciplinary cocreation effort to produce a Healthy City. Phase 1 referred ...

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Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XIX

The book is aimed at researchers and government policy makers who wish to keep abreast of the most recent developments in ...

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Air Quality Integrated Assessment

This book reports on the results of an extended survey conducted across Europe within the framework of the APPRAISAL FP7 ...

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Assessing Climate Change : Temperatures, Solar Radiation, and Heat Balance

The chapters of the book attempt to answer a number of essential questions in relation to global warming and climate change. ...

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Atlas of Fallen Dust in Kuwait

This book serves as an atlas of deposited dust and dust storms in Kuwait in relation to local and global regions. It features ...

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Beyond Kyoto - A New Global Climate Certificate System

This book shows how humankind can ‘prevent dangerous interference with the c- mate system’ without dangerous interference ...

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Climatic Changes and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa

The subject is described and discussed in three main chapters and different case studies.All topics in this book are complimentary ...

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Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies. The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience : Volume 1: Atmospheric Dynamics

This book presents decade-long advances in atmospheric research in the Mackenzie River Basin in northern Canada, which encompasses ...

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Demands of Expanding Populations and Development Planning : Clean Air, Safe Water, Fertile Soils

This book brings together three topics that interact to affect the quality of life on Earth. First, it examines expanding ...

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Emerging Environmental Technologies

This book exclusively focuses on the technologies that would be in the forefront in near to far future. Each and every article ...

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Global Climatology and Ecodynamics : Anthropogenic Changes to Planet Earth

The purpose of the book is to summarize existing information and assess the level of these uncertainties. We want to stimulate ...

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Introduction to Physics and Chemistry of Combustion : Explosion, Flame, Detonation

Most of the material covered in this book deals with the fundamentals of chemistry and physics of key processes and fundamental ...

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Methods for Measuring Greenhouse Gas Balances and Evaluating Mitigation Options in Smallholder Agriculture

This book provides standards and guidelines for quantifying greenhouse gas emissions and removals in smallholder agricultural ...

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Plasma Assisted Decontamination of Biological and Chemical Agents

Plasma decontamination is a rapidly expanding area of modern science and engineering. This book provides a fundamental introduction ...

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Regional Climate Studies of China

Regional Climate of China is the first volume to present the latest research findings gained over the last decade which has ...

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Simulation and Assessment of Chemical Processes in a Multiphase Environment

The book reviews the current state of knowledge on the chemical and physical processes occurring in the environmental media ...

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Solar Energy Fundamentals and Modeling Techniques : Atmosphere, Environment, Climate Change and Renewable Energy

The book collects together material from the current literature in atmospheric environmental sciences, climate change research, ...

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The Black Sea Environment

There appears to be increasing interest in seeing environmental topics which are based on chemistry embodied in this subject. ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /20