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Adaptive and Integrated Water Management : Coping with Complexity and Uncertainty

The volume includes selected contributions on conceptual and methodological innovations and empirical insights from case ...

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Biosolids Engineering and Management

Biosolids Engineering and Management, is a collection of methods of practical design, calculation and numerical examples ...

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Climate Change and Technological Options : Basic facts, Evaluation and Practical Solutions

climate change focussing on technical solutions for the most important and climate relevant economic sectors is presented. ...

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Dangerous Pollutants (Xenobiotics) in Urban Water Cycle

The book focused on evaluation of impact of xenobiotics in the whole Urban Water Cycle are an interdisciplinary task which ...

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Demands of Expanding Populations and Development Planning : Clean Air, Safe Water, Fertile Soils

This book brings together three topics that interact to affect the quality of life on Earth. First, it examines expanding ...

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Earth Observation of Global Change : The Role of Satellite Remote Sensing in Monitoring the Global Environment

Global Change is increasingly considered a critical topic in environmental research. Remote sensing methods provide a relevant ...

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Efficient Management of Wastewater : Its Treatment and Reuse in Water-Scarce Countries

The book highlights non-conventional solutions within the field of wastewater treatment and reuse predominantly for professionals ...

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Emerging Contaminants from Industrial and Municipal Waste : Removal Technologies

This book focuses on innovative treatment technologies for the elimination of emerging contaminants from wastewater and drinking ...

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Emerging Environmental Technologies

This book exclusively focuses on the technologies that would be in the forefront in near to far future. Each and every article ...

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Enhancing Urban Environment by Environmental Upgrading and Restoration

As urban areas keep growing, water infrastructure ages, and the requirements on environmental protection become more rigorous, ...

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Environmental Problems of Central Asia and their Economic, Social and Security Impacts

entral Asia is a developing region with great potential, but there are valid concerns that current resource management practices ...

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Flood Warning, Forecasting and Emergency Response

This book provides a comprehensive account of flood warning, forecasting and emergency response processes, including techniques ...

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Groundwater Dynamics in Hard Rock Aquifers : Sustainable Management and Optimal Monitoring Network Design

Groundwater is of utmost importance in the arid and semi-arid environment. The areas in such regions are forced to face a ...

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Integrated Water Management : Practical Experiences and Case Studies

This book introduced a whole range of specific definitions, objectives and constraints regarding the various aspects of water ...

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Integration of Information for Environmental Security

Currently the necessary information exists in a multitude of forms and formats geographically and physically scattered over ...

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Management of Transboundary Rivers and Lakes

As it circulates in the atmosphere, in the rivers, lakes, soil, rock, and in the oceans, it is the major conveyer of va- ...

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Modelling and Monitoring of Coastal Marine Processes

Although numerous books have been written on both monitoring and modelling of coastal oceans, there is a practical need for ...

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Monitoring and Modelling Lakes and Coastal Environments

Habitat environments of lakes and coastal wetlands are deteriorating due to their exploitative use and improper management. ...

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Open-Channel Flow

In Open-Channel Flow, Second Edition, author Hanif Chaudhry draws upon years of practical experience and incorporates numerous ...

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Pharmaceuticals in the Environment : Sources, Fate, Effects and Risks

When the first green wave appeared in the mid and late 1960s, it was considered a f- sible task to solve pollution problems. ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /31