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Acid in the Environment

This book is the result of a conference held biannually at the Goodwin-Niering Center for Conservation Biology and Environmental ...

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Advanced Air and Noise Pollution Control

Handbook of Environmental Engineering, Volume 2, leading pollution control educators and practicing professionals describe ...

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Advanced Environmental Monitoring

This book deals with recent developments and applications of environmental monitoring technologies, with emphasis on optical ...

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Advances in Air Pollution Modeling for Environmental Security

Includes selected papers from the NATO ARW held at Borovetz (Bulgaria), in the period 8-12 May, 2004. This book talks about ...

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Aerosol Optics : Light Absorption and Scattering by Particles in the Atmosphere

is book provides a comprehensive review of available techniques for the remote sensing of aerosols. Although mostly satellite ...

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AiREAS: Sustainocracy for a Healthy City : Phase 3: Civilian Participation – Including the Global Health Deal Proposition

This volume describes phase 3 of the AiREAS multidisciplinary cocreation effort to produce a Healthy City. Phase 1 referred ...

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Air Pollution Modeling and Its Application XIX

The book is aimed at researchers and government policy makers who wish to keep abreast of the most recent developments in ...

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Air Pollution Modeling and its Application XVII

This volume contains the papers and posters presented at the 27 NATO/CCMS International Technical Meeting on Air Pollution ...

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Air Quality Integrated Assessment

This book reports on the results of an extended survey conducted across Europe within the framework of the APPRAISAL FP7 ...

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Air Quality in Airplane Cabins and Similar Enclosed Spaces

The editor of this volume invited a wide range of experts to provide an in-depth treatment of virtually all aspects of aircraft ...

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Air, Water and Soil Quality Modelling for Risk and Impact Assessment

This book is the result of the Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Air, Water and Soil Quality Modelling ...

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Arctic Alpine Ecosystems and People in a Changing Environment

This book addresses the significant environmental changes experienced by high latitude and high altitude ecosystems at the ...

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Assessing Climate Change : Temperatures, Solar Radiation, and Heat Balance

The chapters of the book attempt to answer a number of essential questions in relation to global warming and climate change. ...

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Atlas of Fallen Dust in Kuwait

This book serves as an atlas of deposited dust and dust storms in Kuwait in relation to local and global regions. It features ...

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Beyond Kyoto - A New Global Climate Certificate System

This book shows how humankind can ‘prevent dangerous interference with the c- mate system’ without dangerous interference ...

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Biotechnology for Odor and Air Pollution Control

An international board of authors from universities, research institutes, and industries describe various biotechnological ...

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Chemicals as Intentional and Accidental Global Environmental Threats

The book contains fields of ecology, chemistry, medicine, epidemiology, public health, toxicology, risk assessment, environmental ...

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Climatic Changes and Water Resources in the Middle East and North Africa

The subject is described and discussed in three main chapters and different case studies.All topics in this book are complimentary ...

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Cold Region Atmospheric and Hydrologic Studies. The Mackenzie GEWEX Experience : Volume 1: Atmospheric Dynamics

This book presents decade-long advances in atmospheric research in the Mackenzie River Basin in northern Canada, which encompasses ...

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Comparative Environmental Politics

The book explores five major topics: state-society relations; environmental non-governmental organizations (ENGOs); Green ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /48