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A Pan-Chromatic View of Clusters of Galaxies and the Large-Scale Structure

The reviews presented in this volume cover a wide-range of cluster of galaxies topics like the physics of the ICM gas, the ...

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A Window on the Future of Geodesy

These proceedings represent the worldwide picture of the state of the art of geodesy. The volume comprehensively covers the ...

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Advances in Meteoroid and Meteor Science

This volume is a compilation of articles that summarize the most recent results in meteor, meteoroid and related fields presented ...

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An Introduction to the Relativistic Theory of Gravitation

The geometric interpretation of gravitation is one of the major foundations of modern theoretical physics. This primer introduces ...

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Applications of Random Matrices in Physics

Random matrices are widely and successfully used in physics for almost 60-70 years, beginning with the works of Dyson and ...

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Artificial Gravity

"This book reviews the principle and rationale for using artificial gravity during space missions, and describes the current ...

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Breaking Ocean Waves

This book represents the most comprehensive description of the physical findings of an investigation into the spatio-temporal ...

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Buchi neri nel mio bagno di schiuma : L’enigma di Einstein = Black holes in my bubble bath : Einstein's riddle

Einstein's Enigma, or black holes in my foam bath, tells the story of the theory of gravitation, from its beginnings to ...

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Challenges to The Second Law of Thermodynamics

The second law of thermodynamics is considered one of the central laws of science, engineering and technology. For over a ...

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Compact Objects in Astrophysics

Camenzind's Compact Objects in Astrophysics gives a comprehensive introduction and up-to-date overview about the physical ...

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Continuum Thermomechanics

The general goal of this book is to deduce rigorously, from the first principles, the partial differential equations governing ...

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Deformation and Gravity Change: Indicators of Isostasy, Tectonics, Volcanism, and Climate Change

During the last decades, measurements of various geodynamic processes have gained ever increasing importance. Temporal variations ...

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Total Books: 12/90