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25 Years of P53 Research

Communication, awareness and access to information: Given the complexity of the field and the fact that data pertaining to ...

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A Changing World

Written primarily for researchers and advanced students in environmental and social sciences, this latest book in Springer’s ...

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A History of Atmospheric CO2 and Its Effects on Plants, Animals, and Ecosystems

the authors address the future role of atmospheric CO2 and its likely effects on ecosystems. This book incorporates the advances ...

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A Legacy for Living Systems

This book represents a major attempt to revise this deficiency. Scholars from ecology, biochemistry, evolutionary biology, ...

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A Reappraisal of the Ascending Systems in Man, with Emphasis on the Medial Lemniscus

Based on material assembled by Dr Jaap HR Schoen who was one of the few neuroanatomists to apply the Nauta method to human ...

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A Sea Change: The Exclusive Economic Zone and Governance Institutions for Living Marine Resources

A Sea Change in a Changing Sea The oceans, seas and coastal areas encompass over 70% of the earth’s surface. They are a ...

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A Time for Metabolism and Hormones

Recent years have seen spectacular advances in the field of circadian biology. These have attracted the interest of researchers ...

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Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Plants

Stresses in plants caused by salt, drought, temperature, oxygen, and toxic compounds are the principal reason for reduction ...

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Abl Family Kinases in Development and Disease

Abl Family Kinases in Development and Disease provides an overview of the functions of Abl family kinases in Development ...

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About Life

This book uses modern biological knowledge to tackle the question: "What distinguishes living organisms from the non-living ...

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Acceleration and Improvement of Protein Identification by Mass Spectrometry

this book is presenting a review of basic proteomic techniques. The second part of the book is related to the novel high ...

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Acoustics of Wood

From the reviews of the 1st edition: "It will surely remain the most comprehensive work in this field for a long time to ...

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Actin Monomer Binding Proteins

The actin cytoskeleton plays a central role in many cellular processes including cell motility, cytokinesis, endocytosis ...

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Actin-Binding Proteins and Disease

This volume, written by experts in the field, is the first to deal with the relationship between human disease and the actin ...

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Active Processes and Otoacoustic Emissions in Hearing

Sounds that are actually produced by healthy ears allow researchers and clinicians to study hearing and cochlear function ...

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Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia

Over the past 10 years, work on acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) has become the paradigm of translational research that ...

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Adaptation to Life at High Salt Concentrations in Archaea, Bacteria, and Eukarya

This book complements “Halophilic Microorganisms”, edited by A. Ventosa and published by Springer-Verlag (2004), “Halophilic ...

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Adhesion Molecules: Function and Inhibition

Inflammatory cell recruitment requires the concerted action of at least five major sets of adhesion molecules: integrins, ...

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Advanced Techniques in Diagnostic Microbiology

The book is divided into two sections. The first techniques section covers the principles and characteristics of techniques ...

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Advanced Techniques in Soil Microbiology

"Advanced Techniques in Soil Microbiology" presents a wide range of biotechnological methods for application in soil microbiology ...

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Total Books: 1 - 20 /1329