• 05 Sep 2020
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Entrance examination for students wishing to enroll in the Faculty of Arts at the university

With reference to the previous announcement regarding the date of the entrance examination for students wishing to join the Faculty of Arts at the Arab International University, for the first semester of the academic year 2020/2021,
We would like to confirm the date of the entrance examination for enrolling in the College of Art, which will take place on Tuesday September 8, 2020 at the college’s headquarters in Ghabagheb, according to the following details:
I The exam starts at half past nine in the morning as it consists of three stages as follows:
Test for drawing and shading skills (two hours) (40 marks)
Creative test (simplified) design + initial principles of perspective (1.30 hours) (40 marks)
A personal interview with the student by a specialized committee to probe talents (20 marks)
II: Documents and materials to be accompanied:
• Personal tools (HP pencil + eraser + putty eraser + sharpener + dry blue pencil + engineering tool tray + workbook size 35 x 50 (used as a drawing pad).
III: The examination is supervised by a specialized technical committee, and the results will be announced after two days.
Please Note:
The university is pleased to announce the allocation of two buses to transport students from Damascus to the university and who wish to take the exam for free, as the departure takes place in front of the main office of the university located in Al-Mazzeh highway opposite Al-Jalaa hall, in the morning of the exam day at 8.30, and back to the same location at 2:00 pm.
To inquire about any information, please call 0930400017.
Best of Luck!