• 02 Sep 2020
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The date of applying for the entrance examination to choose the new applicants for admission to the Faculty of Architecture at the Arab International University for the first semester of the academic year 2020-2021

The College of Architecture announces the date of the entrance examination will be on 19/ 09/2020  
• The exam starts at 10:30 in the morning at the permanent headquarters of the university in Ghabagheb district.
• The buses depart for students wishing to pass the entrance examination at exactly nine thirty in the afternoon of the exam date in front of the administration office located in the Mezzeh highway - above the Majesty Restaurant.
• The exam is held at the College of Architecture in two exam periods.
• The first period is for one hour only, which includes a simplified examination for terms synonymous in Arabic, English and architecture culture.
• The second period is an exam of drawing and enlarging the figure given to students, and a simple drawing from memory, for a period of two hours (the student will only bring an HP model pencil in addition to a pencil and eraser).
• The student undergoes a personal interview before the committee after the exam ends.
The aim of the test
• Helping the student to identify readiness to join the college.
Determining qualified students from among the applicants, in terms of knowledge, ability to assimilate ideas, and the scientific inventory of each applicant.
Measuring the student's personal readiness in terms of:
The student's ability to imagine and perceive.
• The student's ability to analyze and deal with shapes.
• The student's ability to observe and demonstrate technical skills.
Expressed clearly and concisely.