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Influence of Children on Family Purchase Decision غادة سالم سلطه جي ؛ لانا سيف ؛ إشراف د. هبة الفرخ

Publication year: 2022

ISBN: Bus00063

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Nowadays, when it comes to the purchase decision there is several factors that affect it. It may be the promotion of the product or service, the way it’s presented, the price and too many other factors. But also, we can take the purchase decision from another point view where there may be people that influence it. These people may be friends, family, partners, children, or other. We conducted this research to investigate whether there is a children’s influence on the family purchase decision in Syria. It was based on deductive methodology that guided us to collect the primary data through distributing a questionnaire which was based on Likert five scale. As well as the sample that was set from infinite population.

Subject: Business, Children, Family purchase decision, Children’s influence, Children’s age and gender, Mother employment status and income.