Improving the cultivation yield and the concentration of active pharmaceutical ingredients in some medicinal plants (chia, sage, Origanum majorana, etc.) by using alternative biofertilization

  • 03 Jun 2023
  • Ongoing Research - Pharmacy

Faiza Atrash – Mazen Rajab – Jamal Darwicha – Ali Al Zir – Imad Soussan – Samar Khalil


Post Graduate Studies & Research Council Meeting No. 5, 27/3/2023

Date of Acceptance


The pharmaceutical industry in Syria is at the forefront of the industries that have gained international recognition for its quality, but it suffers from the lack of abundance of locally produced raw materials, especially those extracted from medicinal plants.

This proposed project is environmentally friendly as it aims to reduce indiscriminate chemical and organic fertilizers and replace them with alternative biofertilization, and to develop and localize some important medicinal plants (Shea – Spanish sagebrush) in the field of pharmaceutical manufacturing by conducting field and laboratory experiments on them and restoring soil bio-waste (Rhizobium, Mycorrhiza, Azotobacter and Phosphobacter) in order to reach the optimal conditions that achieve quality in their growth and in the concentrations of active substances in them.

This project will promote the establishment of a branch in the Syrian industry concerned with the production of raw and active pharmaceutical materials and provide job opportunities and the possibility of exporting pharmaceutical active materials to international markets.