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Is Arab European University (AEU) accredited locally and internationally?

Arab European University is established under the presidential decree No.193. Issued on 07/05/205. The objectives and curriculum of the Arab European University is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education which makes the University locally accredited.
As for the international accreditation, students will have the choice to specialize in the partner university starting the second academic year if all the requirement of the partner university is met by students.

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Where is the Arab European University located?

The University campus is located on the International free way between Damascus and Jordan,37-Km away from Damascus.

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What are the university objectives?

•Preparing a new generation of graduates able to satisfy the general need of the nation.
•Participating in the Scientific and theoretical research which helps the national advancement.
•Instituting and propping the educational, academic and research bonds between the Arab European University and the partner University abroad.
•Establishing partnership and twinning bonds with sublime European University to approach advancement and improvement in the academic and scientific fields.
•Attract distinguished local and foreign qualification through providing the proper environment to achieve their goals.
•Help the Society in general.

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Job opportunities at Arab European University

Arab European university adopts students not only during their studies but also when they finish their education. The tactics followed to achieve that are:
•Strengthening relations between Arab European University and public and private establishments such that students at Arab European University would have an earlier contact with such establishments.
•Strengthening the relations between the university and the society in general in order to serve the society and environment.

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What are the tactics used by AEU to achieve its goals?

Arab European University has set the following tactics as main priorities to achieve high academic standards for all students:
•Recruit prominent professors and lecturers.
•All lectures will be delivered in English aside to second language required by the partner university, such as French or German.
•Remedial English courses will be offered to all students during one semester to enable students to attend and prepare all courses as well as becoming part of discussion groups. All English teachers are native speakers or near native speakers.
•Academic advising will be offered to all students to guide them on what courses should they attempt and to follow their advancements.
•Enhancing the applied and personal skills to all students which enable students to apply their knowledge in their practical lives.
•Provide a linkage with external institutes where students will be able to do their internship.
•Financial privileges will be offered to distinguished students.
•Encouraging sports, educational and social activities to all students.

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